Non-surgical facial lift with needle shaping 23-24 iunie 2018

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Cod produs: Non-surgical facial lift with needle shaping
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Invented by Italian Professor Giorgio Fippi in 2012, Needle Shaping is a non-invasive technique that aims to create new tissue in the skin, increase collagen and elastin fibres and provide a lifting effect. With the use of acupuncture needles and an electrical current, this technique is different to other skin-stimulating aesthetic treatments currently available.

Needle Shaping describes the technique of inserting acupuncture needles into the skin and then applying a mixed galvanic current to the needles, complications and side effects being said to be minimal to none.

1. Needle Shaping - WRAP 4 Shaping
- non-surgical
- pain free
- no need of using anesthetics
- volumetry using needle electrodes
- treatment of expression wrinkles and scars
- lip volumetry without any kind of injection required

2. Blepharoplasty: FELC Nano Plasma
- done in 3 minutes
- non-surgical
- no-knife
- no-laser
- no removal of excess skin
- face, neck and chest skin rejuvenation
- removal of skin marks
- treatment of acne and removal of post-acne scars

/ Course Fee: 

- Lecture only - 200 euro (taxes included)
- Full lecture, live demonstration and hands-on training - 500 euro (taxes included) // Intake limited to 20 trainees

To book your seat, follow the link below and fill out the application form:

The intakes are limited based on first come first serve basis.

For further information and booking, please contact us on +40723.172.416 (dr. Doneta Acatrinei - Project Director), +40722.523.290 (dr. Ruxandra Vinteanu - Event Planner) and +40765.393.175 (Claudia Marinescu - Event Planner) during office hours, or e-mail us at

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