Taking Dental Implantology to the Next Level 28-30.06.2019

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Cod produs: Taking Dental Implantology to the Next Level
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Super Dent Premium Education in collaboration with Super Dent Distribution has the pleasure of inviting you to a theoretical-practical training session, held by dr. Radoslaw Jadach from Wroclaw, Poland, a true "out of the box" thinker when it comes to Implantology. It takes place over the course of 3 days with simultaneous romanian interpretation.


// Day 1 + Day 2 - Lecture

/ Introduction to the course. Preparing for surgery (doctor and patient)

- Patient assessment & medical considerations
- Treatment planning & diagnosis
- Diagnostic: CBCT, OPG, RTG, RVG, USG, CT, PET-CT, models, photos
- Infection control & asepsis
- Pharmacology before treatment (for pain control, bacteria, hemostasis, etc.)
- Painless injections for local anesthesia - by classic needle
- How to keep hemostasis during surgery for clarity
- Pharmacology after surgery
- Taking care of the wound.

/ Frequent situations encountered in daily implantology practice

/ Indications/Contraindications/Techniques

- How to apply the GBR technique in difficult cases
- When only extraction without GBR and implantation?
- When extraction with socket preservation?
- When extraction with implantation only?
- When extraction with GBR and implantation?
- when extraction with GBR, implantation and SCTG?
- How to maintain the tightness of the socket in each of the above cases? (healing abutment, temporary crowns, bridges, glue, pedicled flaps, punch, etc)
- Anatomic rules of preparation for better result,

/ Extractions, Regeneration, Augmentation, Implantation in the Esthetic Zone

- Which are the Requirements for a successful osseointegration?
- How to perform Occlusion in dental implantology ?
- How to do the least traumatic extraction?
- How to prevent scars in that zone? (tunneling, splitting, preparation, etc.)
- Shield technique,
- What to do in case of dehiscence, fistulae, cysts before implantation?
- Discussion: bring your own cases, if you want to plan their treatment
- Complications management

// Day 3 - Hands On

- How to project the flaps,
- How to prepare spitted flaps,
- How to prepare full-flaps,
- How to suture flaps, tips and tricks,
- How to cover the wounds,
- How to fix the diffrent kinds of membranes,
- How to take subepithelial connective tissue grafts, and more

// Course Fee:

- Lecture only - Day 1 + Day 2 (28th and 29th of June) - 600 euro
- Full lecture and hands-on training (28th, 29th of and 30th of June) - 1200 euro // Intake limited to 20 trainees

// To book your seat, follow the link below and fill out the application form: https://goo.gl/forms/LeDMzx369SGR55nf1

The intakes are limited based on first come first serve basis.

For further information and booking, please contact us on +40723.172.416 (dr. Doneta Acatrinei - Project Director) , +40720.109.488 / +40722.523.290 (Ruxandra Vințeanu - Event Planner), +40726.377.977 (Claudia Marinescu -Event Planner) during office hours, or e-mail us at sddromania@gmail.com.

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