VertiPrep 2.0 Perio-Prosthetic Complex Case Management

Super Dent Premium Education in collaboration with Super Dent Distribution has the pleasure of inviting you to a theoretical-practical training session, held by dr. Attilio Bedendo from Italy, who we believe to be one of the world's most skillful Fixed Prosthetic Dentistry Specialists. It takes place over the course of 3 days with simultaneous english and romanian interpretation.

// First Day - General Vertical Preparation Technique Theory

- State of the art of the vertical preparations and long term follow-up
- Why using vertical preparations
- Advantages in using vertical preparations
- Vertical preparations on parodontally compromised abutments/teeth
- Preliminary vertical preparation
- Intraoperative vertical preparation
- Definitive vertical preparation
- Vertical preparation in teeth with intact periodontium
- Respecting the biological width
- How to prep subgingivally without damaging pariodontal tissues
- Vertical preparation with metal-ceramic
- Vertical preparation with zirconia and lithium disilicat
- How to manage successfully aesthetic cases
- Advantages of vertical preparation in dealing with vertical preparation
- How to reline and adjust the provisionals
- How to manage the subgingival extension of the provisionals
- Choosing the emergence profile in relation with gingival biotype and keeping healthy tissues for a precise final impression

- Equipment and burs to be used for vertical preparation
- Technique and step by step protocol for vertical preparation

The true official presentation of Bedendo's VertiSonic Technique.

// Second Day - Advancements in Vertical Preparation Technique

- Dental abutments VertiPrep preparation and provisionals relining and finishing. 
- During the pratical course dr. Bedendo will perform the VertiPrep technique and how to create a correct temporary relining and finishing. Then the trainees will perform by themselves preparations and provisionals over the guidance of the master.

The provisionals: the fundamental therapy for success in prosthetic dentistry

- Materials for provisionals and relinig
- Shell temporary
- Reinforced temporary
- Technique for to obtain success in relining
- Technique and instrumentations for finishing
- How make the correct emergency profile
- The pontic in edentulos area
- Tissue conditioning
- Centric and eccentric occlusal balance
- Phonetic test 

// Third Day - Hands-On

- Perio-Prosthetic surgery hands-on on models and pork jaw
- The surgical techniques for crown lenghtening
- How periodontal surgery can help saving teeth and use them for prosthetic abutments

- When is useful to make crown lengthening
- What is the importance of ferrule effect
- surgical techniques
- how to design the surgical flaps
- Palatal flap
- Vestibular flap
- The importance of thickness of flaps
- The correct management of periostium
- Apical placement of flap 
- Ostoplastic and ostectomy
- THE VERTIPREP DURING SURGERY the intraoperatory VertPrep and all the advantage of this technique
- The sutures

- Hands-On surgery on pork jaw (incision thickness, draw flaps, periostium, osteplastic, ostectomy, sutures)

- Hands-On on models for make VertiPrep with open surgery flaps and temporary relining and finishing

// Course Fee: 

- Day 1 - Full Day Lecture (7th of October) - 200 euro (vat not included)
- Day 2 - Full Day Prothetic Hands-On (8th of October) - 300 euro (vat not included) // Intake limited to 20 trainees
- Day 3 - Full Day Surgery Hands-On (9th of October) - 350 euro (vat not included) // Intake limited to 20 trainees

- Full lecture and hands-on training (7th, 8th, 9th of October) - 800 euro (vat not included) (Intake limited to 20 trainees)

The intakes are limited based on first come first serve basis.

// Venue soon to be announced.

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