Composite Anterior Restorations - Dr. Serhat Koken

Over the years, Dr. Serhat Köken has focused on direct composite resin applications and dental photography and presented at national and international meetings on both the technical and artistic aspects of anterior direct resin restorations. Dr Köken has also presented numerous hands-on courses nationally and internationally on composite resin artistry dental photography. Serhat Köken is one pf the co-founders of the Trquoise Study Club and a board member of the Turkish Academy of Esthetic Dentistry (EDAD). He is a Phd student in Dental Biomaterials at Siena University.

// Abstract

/ Composites &Photography

The rapid innovation of composite material in the last decade and the availability of various types of composites, has given today’s clinician an extremely convenient and cost effective tool for their practice. Direct composites provide the clinician with the ability to provide excellent aesthetic results with minimal tooth destruction in a very efficient manner. In this lecture you will be shown how to achieve excellent aesthetic standards in your everyday dentistry using direct chairside composites. The lecture will cover clinical aspects of anterior composite from choosing the correct shades, to preparation tips, layering composites and tricks on finishing and polishing. Handling composites correctly can provide excellent aesthetic outcomes which will be shown using case examples in this lecture. Besides direct composites, implementation of ‘’Digital Dental Photography’’ clinically will be discussed in this lecture ; basics of photography and role of light and illumination of photography. 

/ Isolation

The need to isolate tooth structure while restoring direct and indirect adhesive restorations is of paramount importance. The benefits of proper isolation are many and well known. Although we might achieve limited isolation without the use of a rubber dam, it is undoubtedly indicated for the maximum confidence and outcome of an adhesive protocol. This lecture aims to explain the essentials of rubber dam isolation as well as to provide the guidelines and techniques needed to master the procedure in any clinical situation.

// Course outline

1. Evaluating The Natural Morphology (Evaluating the morphological features on existing dentition):

1.1 The basics of intraoral dental photography (camera body – lens – flash);
1.2 How to improve photography skills;
1.3 Tips and tricks & photo editing with samples.

2. Theory of Color & Simplified Layering Technique Direct Composite Restorations In Anterior Teeth

2.1 Understanding the principles of dental color in anterior composites;
2.2 Simplified layering technique;
2.3 Discovering the different shades of composite sytem (– dentin – enamel);
2.4 Shade selection & composite button try technique;
2.5 Layering tips & tricks; 
2.6 Layering instruments;
2.7 Finishing & lifelike polishing;
2.8 Case examples.

3. Isolation Tips & Tricks and Matrix and Wedge applications in anterior restorations

3.1 Rubber dam, clamps, punching, lubricating the dam, floss and floss knots;
3.2 Easy application of rubber dam and perfect isolation; 
3.3 Using posterior matrix for anteriors;
3.4 Other usefull materials;
3.5 Case examples. 

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