State of the Art Class II Dental Restorations 24-25 aprilie 2020

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"State of the Art Class II Dental Restaurations" is a 2-day step-by-step training session based solely on real clinical cases, held by Tomorrow Tooth world famous dr. Stevan Kopanja from Belgrade, Serbia, throughout which we learn the simple, but most efficient ways of handling complex situations encountered in our daily practice.

DAY 1 // Theory
DAY 2 // Hands-On

/ General theoretical aspects

- Pre operative analysis and treatment plan, steps we forget and which increase efficiency;
- Isolation using a rubberdam (clamp selection, holes position and distance, instruments and techniques for placing);
- class II cavity design, margin finishing, menagment of subgingival class II;
- DME - deep margin elevation concept;
- selection and customisation of matrix and wedge, individual approach for all type of class II restorations;
- bonding protocol for different generations of adhesives, how to eliminate post operative sensitivity;
- injection molding technique, why should we abord layering;
- selection of composite and modeling of oclusal surface in easy and predictable way;
- finishing and polishing protocols, how to achieve high gloss surface;
- Post-operative analysis and control.

The lecture is followed by real examples shown through clinical photographs, video recordings and radiographs.

/ Particular Class II Clinical Issues

- iatrogenic injury of adjascent teeth;
- aproximal contacts: open contact and to much oclusal position of the contact point;
- incorrect emergence profile of restorations;
- overhangs: cervical and axial;
- hiperplastic interdental soft tissue;
- tear of rubber dam;
- deformation of the matrix: during insertion and after placing interdental wedge;
- inadequate adaptation of the matrix to the concave part of the gingival margin;
- irregular design for the cavity that leads to stress during polymerization; 
- margins the cavity unavailable: for fnishing and polishing restorations or for detection;
- problems of two neighboring class II: symmetry and hierarchy;
- fracture of composites;
- post operative tooth sensitivity;
- staining of composite surface and margins.

// Each participant must bring their own 1:5 Red Ring Handpiece.

// Subscription fee

- Lecture only - Day 1  - 200 euro [ *students recieve a 50% discount]
- FULL lecture and hands-on training - Day 1 + Day 2  -500 euro

To book your seat, follow the link below and fill out the application form:
The intakes are limited based on first come first serve basis.

For further information and booking, please contact us on +40726.377.977 (Claudia Marinescu - Event Planner), +40720.109.488 (Ruxandra Vinteanu - Event Planner) and +40723.172.416 (dr. Doneta Acatrinei - Project Director) during office hours, or e-mail us at

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